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        Hoi Lung Metal Product Factory Limited

        Hoi Lung Metal Product Factory Limited was founded by Mr. Ka Lung Cheung in 1985. Self-owned Headquarters of the company is located in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong with about 400 square meters of office space. Hoi Lung's primary business is in the manufacturing of high quality metal parts for VHS video cassette products. Our vision is to provide customers with the highest quality products and services.

        In Line with our business growth and progress,we have shifted our operation to Shenzhen (China ) in 1990. Our China factory is run round the clock by about 300 highly trained staff in a modern 8,000 square meters size complex. As part of  our expansion program, we have equiped our China factory with a hundred sets of machines and relevant equipments .All these equipments are imported from USA, Germany ,Taiwan and Japan. People ,being the key to our growth and success; have inspired us to focus on  hiring qualified professionals to bring our company forward.

        In view of our experience, readiness to keep ourself abreast of technology, promt  and pro-active in reacting to customers requirements;  we have now established ourself to be a leader in the manufacturing of precision metals.